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Department of Chemistry, K. J. Somaiya College, Kopargaon-423601, (M.S.), India


In this present investigation, an efficient protocol for the synthesis of bundle of novel substituted benzo[h]quinazoline-2(3H)-thione derivatives was reported. The acetic acid catalyzed benzo[h]quinazoline-2(3H)-thione derivatives were prepared from 2-(substituted arylidene)-1-tetralones, thiourea and green solvent polyethylene glycol-400 with efficient and milder reaction condition. All the novel scaffolds were confirmed by the spectroscopic methods (IR, 1H NMR, Mass and Elemental analysis). The superiority of present method was operational simplicity, easy purification; high yields, easy available catalyst, environmental friendly solvent.

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Acetic Acid Catalyzed Synthesis of Benzo[h]quinazoline-2(3H)-thione Derivatives Using Polyethylene glycol--400 as Green Reaction Medium