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1 Department of Chemistry, Dr. D. Y. Patil Arts Commerce and Science College Pimpri Pune -411018, India

2 Department of Chemistry, Dr. D. Y. Patil ACS Woman's College, Pimpri Pune-411018, India

3 Telang Senior College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Nigdi, Pune-411044, India


We have demonstrated novel and eco-friendly acceptable green methods for the synthesis of numerous 1-H-indazole by grinding protocol using NH4Cl  milder acids in an EtOH solvent.  The substituted 1-H-indazole synthesized from the grinding of ortho-hydroxybenzaldehyde with hydrazine hydrate in an Ethanol solvent and NH4Cl  milder acids.  The methods give good yield within less time. The protocol is practically green, milder, higher yield, with short reaction times.

Graphical Abstract

Ammonium Chloride Catalyzed Green Synthesis, Characterization of Substituted 1-H-Indazole Derivatives


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