Journal of Applied Organometallic Chemistry (JAOC) publishes experimental, theoretical, and applied research papers related to all branches of Chemistry. The world of the Internet is a multi-faceted one. Each and every field of the Internet is witnessing tremendous growth in the present century. But, researchers still have to wait for a long time to publish their research articles in reputed journals. To tide over this disadvantage, we have launched this online research journal.

All papers submitted to J. Appl. Organomet. Chem. are subjected to peer review. All contributions in the following forms are invited

(a) Original Research Articles
(b) Review Articles
(c) Short Communications

(d) Mini-Review



All Fields Related to Chemical Science

1. Analytical Chemistry

2. Biochemistry & Biophysics

3. Design and application of Catalyst

4. Nanochemistry

5. Nanomedicine

6.. Nanocomposites

7. Synthesis and Application of Polymers

8. Inorganic Chemistry

9. Organic Chemistry

10. Physical Chemistry

11. Effects of Chemical Drugs

12. Medicinal Studies of Synthetic Drugs

13. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

14. Mathematical Chemistry

15. Computational Chemistry