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Department of Chemistry, University of Wah, Quaid Avenue, Wah Cantt., (47010), Punjab, Pakistan


Fruits include nutrients that are essential for good health as well as body repair. Heavy metals occur spontaneously in the environment as a result of natural sources and anthropogenic activities or contamination through industrial operations, preservation, including cooking. Pesticide pollution is a worldwide environmental and public health hazard since pesticides are carcinogenic and extremely poisonous among all living species, especially plants, animals, even people. Pakistan, an agricultural-based country, uses a large quantity of such organochlorine-pesticides (OC) each year to manage insect pests and various crop diseases, which is health risk. However, contemporary statistics on pesticide usage, pollution, and exposure in Pakistan are mainly missing. This study highlights recent findings and gives statistics on pesticide usage and pollution, with a special emphasis on human exposure. Mango considered one of Pakistan's most important fruit crops, yet it is facing threat from the World Trade Organization (WTO). To that end, the current study was carried out to examine agricultural extension programs in mango marketing and production with specific reference to the WTO. It was discovered that respondents' knowledge of the different WTO agreements was inadequate, and in certain cases non-existent. According to respondents, the positive influence of WTO would be beneficial in providing refined products at the customer’s doorstep and reliable to human and environmental life, but the primary threat of cumulative authority over marketplaces by developed nations through their better technology and very well-equipped industry, related specifically to mango fruit and its byproducts.

Graphical Abstract

Fate of Pakistani Exported Mango due to Its Toxicity (Heavy Metals, Pesticides, and Other Toxic Organic Components)


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